About Us


We understand the severity of postnatal depression as a state of mind that may badly affects a person. Here at Early Intervention, we envision ourselves as a community that recognizes women who suffer from this type of depression and gives support for them.


Our mission is to reach out to those who are suffering from postnatal depression and help them through it by providing information, awareness education, and other services that can help.

Our Goal and Passion

Our goal and passion is simple– to help those who are suffering from postnatal depression. We aim to do this through:

  • Recognition of symptoms of postnatal depression that will indicate whether one needs to seek help or not
  • Understanding that postnatal depression is not something that you should just sweep under the rug and is something that has to be openly discussed
  • Empowering people who suffer from postnatal depression by providing help that is effective

Our Core Strategy

  • Our core foundation lies in an evidence and scientific based approach to postnatal depression
  • Our helping strategy is to further strengthen awareness and provide solutions on how to deal with the condition
  • Our approach is a multichannel one which considers many factors that would result in postnatal depression in order to solidly ensure effective help is given

Services Offered

With our services, we aim to fulfill our mission and vision by effectively helping those suffering from postnatal depression. Our services include:

  • Postnatal depression screen tests for all mothers
  • Quality support groups and counselling
  • Help from professionals who have worked in health and maternity service industries and who have dealt with people dealing with this condition

With our mission, vision, goals, core foundation, and our services, we aim to not only be an advocate for postnatal depression awareness, but cure and treatment as well. With this, we’ll be able to see more families become happier.