Early Intervention

In Nova Scotia, Early Intervention can provide support and services to your family if you have a young child - infant, toddler or preschool aged - with developmental delays. Our programs are unique in that they are home-based and individually responsive to your family's desires and to your child's unique abilities.

Some of the children who receive Early Intervention services already have a diagnosis such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Other children may simply be developmentally delayed and we do not know why. Still other children may be at risk for developmental delay because of a significantly premature birth, trauma at birth or a biologic condition (for example, they have immediate family members who have learning challenges).

Early Intervention services are intended for ALL children who have a developmental delay or who are at risk for developmental delay, whether they have a diagnosis or not.

There is no fee charged for Early Intervention services in Nova Scotia. The service is made available in each county, by the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services, in partnership with local community groups.