1) How do I locate the Early Intervention Program nearest to me?
Click your hometown on this map to obtain contact information for the program nearest you.

2) How much does it cost for my family to receive Early Intervention services?
There is no fee charged for Early Intervention services in Nova Scotia. The service is made available in each county, by the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services, in partnership with local community groups.

3) My family is moving to Nova Scotia from another province, who do I contact about receiving Early Intervention services?
There are currently 18 Early Intervention programs available throughout Nova Scotia. You may click here to display a list of all programs or contact us directly for assistance.

4) What if I do not live in Nova Scotia? Is there an Early Intervention program in my province?
Many Canadian provinces do provide Early Intervention services:

New Brunswick:
Contact Linda Beebe, Program Coordinator, New Brunswick Early Intervention Association. Tel (506) 454-8698 ext. 106

Contact Paula Hennessey, Program Policy Development Specialist, Autism and Early Intervention. Tel (709) 729-3550

5) I would like to make a donation to help children with special needs in Nova Scotia. Who do I contact?
We are always happy to receive your donations. Please contact Donna Dexter at 902-354-5890 or for details.