Postnatal Depression Awareness Week

Early Intervention’s annual Postnatal Depression Awareness week was created back in 2001 as a means to further spread awareness for postnatal depression. With the event alone, Early Intervention was able to reach out to over 90,000 people who had the condition.

Every year, around six million women in the US get pregnant. Out of this average number, more than 10% suffer postnatal depression. Knowing this as a common and serious condition, Early Intervention aims to reach out to these families all across the country in an event that will bring more awareness regarding the condition. We hold this event every year in order to share information about the illness and share ways on how to seek help. We also share the best ways to address the problem and who to seek in order for them to get help earlier on so that they may recover faster.

In fact, this year we are putting extra effort into reaching out to women who suffer from this condition. Our annual Postnatal Depression Awareness week event focuses on letting mothers suffering from the condition to share their experiences so that they can get it out of their systems. Through this, our community also shares the signs and symptoms that one may get if he is suspected of having postnatal depression.

Our effort of reaching out to the many families who are affected by the illness hopes to encourage more parents to speak out so that they will not only help themselves by immersing themselves in a group suffering from the same condition, but also so that they may also be a blessing to others by simply being there for them. As we raise more awareness with our annuals events, we want to make sure that more and more people are aware of the dangers of this kind of depression and the ways on how to fight it. Indeed, it is important to raise awareness of this condition so we can help women recover more quickly and function more effectively as a mother.

Early Intervention is committed to supporting new mothers through postnatal depression. We want to provide women the love, care, and support that they need and deserve.