Most Early Intervention programs in Nova Scotia have Resource Libraries containing books and videos, which families are encouraged to borrow. We also have Toy Lending Libraries, with lots of interesting and challenging toys and equipment. To inquire about borrowing any resource materials or toys, contact the Early Intervention Program in your area.

In our ongoing effort to assist families, we are also compiling a collection of resources on this site. We know that you, as parents, are searching for as much information about your child's developmental condition as possible. Please keep checking back to see the new resources on our site!



Tricia Morse Family Education Fund

EINS would like to gratefully acknowledge The Truckers Association of Nova Scotia for their generous donation which allows us to help parents learn more about their child’s needs.  The Early Intervention Association of Nova Scotia (EINS) is pleased to support family members (2 per family / per workshop) with the cost of registration for educational workshops.